A smart group

A talented, young and fresh group of people Born in Canada, raised in Spain. Motivated to develop every valuable idea.


Franchising made simple. WHY FRANCHISE WITH US?

With a worldwide perspective, we create innovative and extraordinary concepts to bring novelty to currently untouched markets. And that’s not it: we also partner with fresh and thrilling projects with brands that will shake up the food business.

The common factors among our concepts are simplicity & profitability: with a zero-waste philosophy, we ensure minimum management efforts and highest profit margins. Our partners can rely on a strong team that’s constantly looking for developments towards improvement.

A4Business is founded on values

These are the values We BELIEVE in:

  • icn-quality-1.svg

    as quality represents the properties of products and values we provide, our top priority is to keep it at its highest level.

  • icn-adaptability-1.svg

    we want to apply our system to every valuable idea presented.

  • icn-efficiency.svg

    providing a quality service is a duty. Performance has to be always at the top in order to satisfy every expectation.

  • icn-integrity.svg

    as a team we believe this is essential for the success of our group. Knowing we can rely upon each other makes us feel safe and strong.

Everything starts with people.

Together we have a combined 40+ years in the development, operation, ownership and franchising of successful food concepts.

Discover the team

Whenever you feel bad just remember that Coca-Cola only sold 25 bottles the first year. #Never Give Up