Ladron de Lunas

Valencia is known for its good climate and its large production capacity of wines, Requena being the largest municipality in the community.

In its vicinity it is the Valley of Derramador 750 meters above sea level, enjoying a continental climate with a Mediterranean influence, with milder summers than the rest of the region and colder winters, with an average insolation 2,700 hours of sun and rain all year.

The soils are brown, with high calcium content, healthy, very good permeability and poor in organic matter, allowing a superb climate with reticular development of the vines.

The Denomination of Protected Origin Denomination Valencia is an open, dynamic, with a great vocation and export tradition. Today the wines are present in about 100 countries worldwide, with a number of marketing tmore than 46 million bottles, of which a total of 30 million is earmarked for export.

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